Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Attracting Students With 'Juicy' Course Names

This is from Inside Higher Ed. I saw a similar phenomenon when I worked at a school in NYC but this was regarding food. The chef and I were friends and he would experiment naming items. He would put out "carrots" and there would be few takers. Change the name to "Floridian Carrots" and the things flew onto people's trays. Stunning, but true.

Attracting Students With 'Juicy' Course Names: "

With administrators on the hunt for low-enrollment courses and programs to cut, faculty members are going to greater lengths to attract students to their courses. One trend, The Boston Globe reported, is to make course titles more 'juicy.' For example, Michael Resler changed the name of his “German Literature of the High Middle Ages’’ class to “Knights, Castles, and Dragons.' Enrollment nearly tripled.


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