Friday, February 6, 2009

Colonoscopy Game?

In my continuing crusade for video game recognition, I present to you an article about game that surgeons are using to practice colonoscopies.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Is an amazingly lucid scientist. In the video below, he talks about science education in America.

Who Inspires You?

Sir Ken Robinson is one of those people I'd dearly like to dislike. He's just too darned popular in the education world for the likes of a contrarian such as myself. And yet he's too darned good. Below is a recent little video where he answers the question: who inspires you? And, predictably, it's great.

If this is your first exposure to Sir Ken, take a look at his famous video Do Schools Kill Creativity?

The Science Essay

MIT has another amazing-sounding course available online: The Science Essay. These free online classes are incredible. What are the implications to having easy access to such amazing knowledge?

Here's the description:

Drawing in part from their own interests and ideas, students write about science within a broad cultural context. Students employ a broad repertoire of literary tools, such as narrative, scene-setting, and attention to larger issues of structure. Students study the work of other science writers, but subject's focus is less critical and analytical than synthetical -- on creating works of substance, grace, and flow that have science and technology as their subjects.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Genetics Graphic Novel

NPR profiled a new graphic novel about genetics.

I'm Back

I've been off Ratio Studiorum for quite some time now but I'm back. My job's been crazy and we're in the midst of setting up our new strategic planning process. I've been blogging on my school's ning site, but got lazy and didn't transfer the blog postings over to this one.

I'll be better at keeping this blog updated.