Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Showing Movies in Class

I'm an not a huge fan of showing movies in class -- at least in their entirety. But I just read an article about something called "Backchanneling" and how one teacher is using it to enhance the movie-showing and viewing experience.

What is Backchanneling, you might ask? Here's how one backchanneling site describes it:

The backchannel is everything going on in the room that isn't coming from the presenter.

The backchannel is where people ask each other questions, pass notes, get distracted, and give you the most immediate feedback you'll ever get.

Instead of ignoring the backchannel, Today's Meet helps you leverage its power.

Tapping into the backchannel lets you tailor and direct your presentation to the audience in front of you, and unifying the backchannel means the audience can share insights, questions and answers like never before.

It looks really interesting to me to use during "movie time" and even during normal classes.

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