Friday, May 9, 2008

Summer Reading For Students

The National Council for Teachers of English has released a report on the student book selection process.

Here's an excerpt:

What could be better for a student's literacy skills than a summer filled with reading of all kinds? As Cathy Beck et. al explain, "With the time pressures of a regular school year behind us and the new year not quite a reality, we can dust off the books that have waited patiently to give us pleasure and without guilt, immerse ourselves in one of life’s greatest pleasures—reading" (Books for Summer Reading, p. 321). Summer reading programs urge students to read during their summer vacations, developing and maintaining a lifelong habit of reading for pleasure. Further, such programs help students retain and sharpen literacy skills during the months that they are out of the classroom.

The Washington post has an article that talks about the whole summer reading experience. It's an interesting read for any of you who have ever struggled to find "appropriate" reading materials for kids. Take a look at the Washington Post article here.

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