Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Prealgebra and Algebra Video Game

I ran across this in one of the education newsletters I receive. It looks pretty interesting. Check it out here.

DimensionM™is an immersive video game world that engages students in the instruction and learning of mathematics. Pre-algebra and algebra objectives are covered through a series of missions that bring math into a world that today's students understand. Students become so captivated in solving problems that they forget they're learning but they don't forget what they've learned.

Research with our programs demonstrates how well they align with the way today's students learn and how naturally immersed students become in their learning. The result: increase in student motivation, increase in time on task, and the ability to apply their learning in real world situations that have meaning for your student.

Flexible implementation models DimensionM is designed to support multiple instruction models. Using the latest 3-D, first-person video game technology, students complete missions by entering reality-based environments where they challenge themselves in single-player format or they can challenge others in a fast-paced multi-player format. Having single-player or multi-player game formats provides schools with flexible ways to meet the needs of various implementations including: lab, classroom, extended-day, home extension, intervention, and special events.

Comprehensive resources support math mastery Powerful DimensionM Teaching Modules provide teachers and students with interactive 2-D story introductions, instructional support and practice. These modules support teachers during class instruction or students can use them as a self-directed resource to improve their performance in the game.

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